2021 International Conference of East-Asian Association for Science Education


How to Participate

About Registration Fee (Membership fee included).

General Participant: $80 (USD)

+Processing Fee*: $5(USD)   Total: $85(USD)

Student Participant: $30 (USD)

+Processing Fee*: $5(USD)   Total: $35(USD)

*Processing fees include payment and currency exchange fees.

(1)Please note that the registration fee will not refund once you have paid.

(2)A payment processing fee will be added to the total amount of the registration fee.

Presenter registration: Closed

Deadline for final registration:

             June2 → June 10, 2021.

Scholarship Student Awards : Depending on abstract score, we will provide scholarship for certain number of students.

(More Information :https://www.ease2021.org/ssa)

For Participants (Only Registration)

  Registration + Payment

Deadline June 2 → June 10, 2021

Submission Process for Presenters

In order to be reviewed for your abstract, you need to pay the registration fee.

EASE2021 Conference main presentation style is "ORAL" presentation.

After reviewing your abstract, we will decide whether to accept your abstract as an "oral presentation", a "poster presentation" or to reject your submitted abstract.


Presenters cannot choose between an oral presentation and a poster presentation.


We recommend that you register for participation and abstract submission at the same time to prevent problems.

Up to one presentation (Oral and Poster)per person (for First Author / First Presenter) at the conference.

First Step: due by April 30

You chose and pay the ticket "For Presenters".

(1) Please fill in the required information and make a payment as a "Presenter".


(2) You will receive a completion of registration email with a link to the submission form of the abstract (up to 500 words) and a ticket number.

To submit your abstract (Up to 500 words), you will need to enter your "ticket number" which is shown in the completion email.
Please check email attached file.

Second Step: due by June 2 

After reviewing your abstract, you will be assigned either an oral presenter or a poster presenter.

If you are an oral presenter, please submit a 2-page proceeding (A4).

If you are a poster presenter, please submit a 1-page poster (A4).

More Session Information: