2021 International Conference of East-Asian Association for Science Education



JUNE 18 (Fri.) ~ JUNE 20 (Sun.) 2021

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EASE Conference


Greetings!! It is my great honor to announce the 2021 International Zoom Conference East-Asian Association for Science Education, Shizuoka, Japan.  As you have known that 2020 ICEASE at Korea was canceled because of COVID 19.  We are all straggling with the unbelievable difficulties in all of the activities as human beings.  We are all living in the middle of historical epoch within the time of great changes of Global community.


Our theme this time is settled down as “Asian Collaboration Towards the Development of New Science Education for the Future; Wise Preparation with SDGs/STEM” This theme has strong connection not only with the COVID 19, but also with rapid changes of Science, Technology, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Mathematics toward SDGs.  We will be able to find good solutions towards many issues that coming up globally.  Those issues and problems cannot find proper solutions without good collaborations among all of the countries in the world.


I would express my great thanks to all of the participants for 2021 International Zoom Conference EASE.  Your presentations, your ideas, your questions and our discussions will be able to elaborate super solutions for the future!!


We will have six keynote speakers, who will be able to provide stimulated ideas and research results for our researches in science education.  All of the participants should listen to their keynote speakers carefully.


Let us enjoy by joining EASE.  New members and old members should attend the all-member meeting and please vote for the new president and new executive members from each country.  Also, we will welcome new country members for EASE.  They are Thailand and Indonesia!  If everybody agreed, I would like to propose that we should upgrade the name from EASE to Asian Association of Science Education (AASE).




President of EASE, 2018-2021

Yoshisuke Kumano, Ph.D.


Keynote Speaker

★Speaker 1  Dr. Gillian Roehrig

          Professor at the University of Minnesota
          Former president of Association for Science Teacher Education
          Next president of the National Association for Research in Science           Education (NARST)

★Speaker 2  Dr. Jeff Weld

          Executive Director for the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council
          Professor at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa

★Speaker 3  Dr. John Stiles  

          Senior Specialist, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization

                              (SEAMEO), Bangkok

★Speaker 4  Dr. Pradeep Maxwell Dass

          Walkup Distinguished Professor of Science Education 

                              Director, Center for Science Teaching and Learning

                              Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

★Speaker 5  Dr. Myeong-Kyeong Shin

          Professor, Science Education Department, Gyeongin

                              National University of  Education, Incheon, South Korea

★Speaker 6  Dr. Yoshisuke KUMANO

          Professor Emeritus, Vice Director STEAM Education Institute,

                              Shizuoka University, Japan


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